My First Ultra running experience (Bangalore-Hosur-bangalore 100k )

Is it not an inspiration to join for a run with a leading person of his end 60s ??And a bunch of like minded people, who are willing to test their limits for a 100km run. Getting such an opportunity thought to try out for that though I did not have such an experience of long mileage distance running.  Started the journey with around 40 such enthusiasts runners behind the   leading car with a timing clock on its back along with another support vehicle and a ambulance.Only the words floating in my mind as said by our beloved race director Susil sir that just keep going,you will not even realize that you have crossed the finish line.



‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,’ says an African Proverb.There was no exception in our case also.Proceeding after a couple of miles , the scatted  individuals  formed their group  based on their comfortable pace. I also tried to maintain a constant pace around 6-6:30, tagging with few more runners through the route till around 30th Km . Hydration and other necessary fuels were well provided from time to time. Although heart rate and the breathing were very much under control,legs were indicating for rest after crossing certain  distances.


Yummy yummy meal was waiting for us at Hosur around 38th Km mark. Ahhah, still 64 Km to go !!.Lets give a chance to recover the legs ,after the meal for around an hour.

Most exciting part of the journey started after the break back from Hosur , following through the route around 20kms outskirt of the city at the dark , fitting a headlamp . Really running at night , it has some unique excitement where the whole world was sleeping apart from few scary street dogs. The continuous mild cold breeze was boosting the endorphin  level up throughout the rolling road.

Continued the route with the combination of running an walking as an interval of 5-7 km distance,making some friendly talks with other few running friends till we arrived near the city.

70 th KM ...hydration with coconut-butter-milk along with pongol

It was around 4 in the early morning, still 30km to finish the.Had some light food with coconut butter milk before we start for the last stretch of distance.

After crossing 10 Km, the real challenge of the entire run started.Legs started indicating giving up .Pace also gradually started coming down from 7 to 9 min/km .Here is the real ultra runner spirit comes, where you won’t let other fellow runners drop out of the race, pushing each other till we reach the defined destination.

Nightmare to finish the last stretch .The real battle between the mind and the body started fighting.Hamstrings were becoming stiffer and stiffer.With lots of rests and stretching managed to finish the route of 100km with a total time of 18:08:15 and moving time of 15:18:40.  Amazing experience it was to touch the 100km line :)!!

Special thanks to Basin sports family and the support crews,whithout their encouragement and support ,it would have been only a dream.


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6 thoughts on “My First Ultra running experience (Bangalore-Hosur-bangalore 100k )

  1. It was an awesome experience, the start, the break at Hosur and at decathlon..getting back together and start the next stretch..thoroughly enjoyed it. well summarised Guna


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