A mesmerizing landscape of cloud , hills and the splendourous water falls – a trip to Shillong

Shillong the Scotland of East is the capital city of the Maghalaya , situated at an altitude of 1500m above sea level.How exciting the place will be where the misty cloud suddenly passes through you letting you feel a chilly sensation .

After All we are all set for the much awaited ride to have that experience. Though the distance is just a 100Mkms from  Guwahati , still changes in biodiversity can be observed once entered in Meghalaya . As part of stored energy we carried few packets of mixed fruit jam and soach, and resins .Resins are proved to be good energy banks to maintain salt in the body. Just after having our a tiny breakfast with few bread and eggs ,we started our journey from Guwahati .



That was end of December and the morning was of foggy. As we move slowly towards Burapahar (at Assam-Meghalaya border), we got the feel of Climbing at the first instance which was a considerable gradual climb to test our energy level at Burapahar hill.


9.34AM_after_a_long_killer_cliemb_fueling with fresh pinaple...made our teeth sour for the whole day.Indeed needs a break after the contant climb..png

Then the road was almost flat till we continued through another long uphill of around 7kms , giving a good sign of Shillong hilly terrain . Indeed needs a recovery after the constant climb. Never forget to fill you energy with few pieces fresh juicy pinepples from the roadside stalls, which made our teeth sour for the whole day.


1.48PM_Umium lake,Barapani..Hill,water,ground and the skyatt at one place..time to renersize for luch before the lat climb to shillong.IMG_20161229_134614

Continued our paddling through a rolling road and mid intensity climbs till we reached Umium lake ,Barapani which is a adventure spot for river rafting. A nice landscape of hill, water, ground and the sky at the same place. Time for us to re-energize for lunch before the long climb to Shillong.


From Barapani it is all gradual slow climbs, which starts giving the feel of Shillong atmosphere. The road snakes through the  rocks with the pine trees and the chilled air of this hilly region. Enjoyed the last stretch of the pleasant ride of around 15 kms through the shades of the green hills with the hairpin bands.

Managed to reach the city before dark. Could not miss visiting Shillong Police Bazar, where the street always be like a fair with lots of  shops .We were lucky enough to have a glance the Shillong Salt lake as part of New year and Christmas calibration. And certainly the time for celebration for a successful ride to the Scotland of East India.



Nearest Railway Station :Guwahati Railway Station

Nearest Airport :Guwahati Airport

Best Season / Time :November to Feb





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