A step towards climbing !!!

Day started with “figure of 8” knot…Very basic as well as essential knot for a climber.

Anchor point was already set by the lead climbers. The only communication commands was hitting to the ears was BELAY….BELAY

BELAY ready ?, ON BELAY;.. climbing, CLIMB ON…
(Needs a synchronized communication with him ,becoz….your life is at his (BELAYER’s) hand. 😉 at every moment of climb…Thanks a lot BELAY 🙂)
Tired…don’t worry… “take me BELAY”.”I GOT U”, Take long breath,see the surroundings….”climbing on BELAY”,CLIMB ON”…
Ohh God 😦 😦..loosing the grip,slippery here…panic!!!! Take me BELAY!!! 😦 😦 ,…..dont worry ,”GOT U”… (ohh relax ..thanks BEALY 🙂)
climbing on BELAY”,CLIMB ON”… climbing, …… climbing
“That’s me BELAY” at the (top) Anchor point.. …
“LEAN BACK,leaning back…lower me,LOWEREING….
…its time for you to njoy the view from top till you reach down, handing over your life to ur partner’s (BELAYER) hand
What an exciting adventure activity..!!!! Really enjoyed the moments of this Spider man acting 😉 for the first time in life.

And of course, many many thanks to all the BELAYERs!!


The team




the  belayers



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